How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Dogs vs Cats, 18 Funny Comics

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I once heard a joke that if you call a dog an a-hole, the owner will go off on you, but if you call a cat an a-hole its adoring owner will probably shrug and go “yeeeeaah.”

Cats and dogs are obviously different, and we’ve all got our preferences, equal loves, allergies or dislikes. We’re all more different to each other than cats and dogs are to each other.

1. Pet Texting

Adam Ellis


2. Enchanted Fountain

The Oatmeal


3. Emotions

Binnie Cat


4. Hershey’s Kisses

Adam Ellis


5. The Chosen One

Loryn Brantz



They Can Talk


7. Heaven & Hell

Sarah Andersen


8. Meetings

Becky Barnicoat


9. So Angry

Irma Kniivila


10. Gold Medalist

Catsu the Cat


11. Wh-what’s in a Name?

Sarah Andersen


12. Ewwwww

Adam Ellis


13. Rise and Shine

Lucas Turnbloom


14. He’s a Good Security Question


15. Cause of Death

Loryn Brantz


16. Lookie, No Touchie

They Can Talk


17. A Petting Guide


18. BUT WHY?

Adam Ellis



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