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How to Be a Dad

Honey, I Shrunk the Race Track

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Epic Hot Wheels GoPro Beach Race Video

Most of the times when I played with miniature vehicles and action figures as a kid (and as an adult if we’re being honest), I’d be sort of above it all, like a looming god of make-believe, or at least like a third-person view in a video game.

Sometimes, though, I got down there. Hugging the ground, I’d really try to imagine myself in the scale of the worlds I would set up, a bookshelf battle scene, a driveway race car track, a garden jungle to explore.

This video puts me right back there, with the excitement of imagineering myself into a miniature perspective.

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  1. MaleSensePro says:

    Indeed the Video games like this one really make the old imaginary world back to life and this time you can share with others, Thanks for sharing I definitely gonna give this a try also 🙂

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