How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad



Stresstimates the funny stressful estimates parents make

When someone says “parenting is stressful,” you almost want to construct a big sign on a stick that says “DUH!!!” and hit them over the head with it. Yeah, water is wet; sugar is sweet; parenting is stressful. WHACK!

By default, it’s literally our job to worry and obsess about our kids’ well-being. So it makes sense that we’d be on raging Red Alert when our munchkin’s well-being is, well… unwell. Especially for new parents who are panicking through the mandatory crash course in the Care and Feeding of Miniature Humans that we all have to go through.

With everything parents have to poop their mental pants about, the worry and uncertainty about finding the right medicine for our little outbreak monkeys simply pours anxiety gas on a parent’s bon fire of worry. is there to help put out these flames, and give parents a clear, understandable resource to make the correct and safest choices about over-the-counter medicines.

There are two sides for parents about kid’s medicine, positive and negative: 1) we want them to get better, and 2) we worry about giving them the right dose.

KnowYourOTCs has a bunch of helpful info, but at least wants you to know:

  • It is important to always follow the dosing directions on the label and to use the dosing or measuring device that comes with the medicine. Don’t use common kitchen spoons to measure, they’re not meant for measuring medicines.
  • Precise dosing of OTC medicine is important. By measuring the correct mL dose, parents can rest assured they are giving their children the proper amount.

When the chips are down and the fever’s temp is up, go to Because when your kid is sick, ignorance is the complete, exact opposite of bliss.

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