How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

22 Odd & Edgy Relationship Comics

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Let’s all let our hair down and loosen our belts and have a good ol’ laugh at relationships. In general. Not our own! That’s a bit risky, of course. Getting too nitty gritty about our relationships can be a ride on a stage coach filled nitro glycerin, clattering at full speeded over a bumpy road.

So! Instead, let’s just laugh at some quirky, dark comic strips about all things love related. Enjoy!

1. Gotta really sell the performance.

SMBC Comics


2. Whoopsie damnation!



3. The way to a man’s heart…

Extra Fabulous Comics


4. Dream Lover.

Jim Benton


5. Family pants.

Extra Fabulous Comics


6. True love.

John McNamee


7. I dream of Genie???

Jim Benton


8. Lazy Susan.

Ice Cream Sandwich Comics


9. There can be only one!

Fun Fact Comics


10. Plot twist.

Lins Edition


11. Wishin’ upon a star.



12. Farewell.

Safely Endangered


13. Mummy marriage.



14. A classic tale of… romantulence?

Extra Fabulous Comics


15. Advising mantis.

They Can Talk


16. Thyme to go to the E.R.



17. Common mistake.

Adam Ellis


18. Disaster proposal area.

PBF Comics


19. …That’s amore!

Amazing Super Powers


20. The treasure of love.

Heck If I Know Comics


21. Divorce-cation.

Cyanide & Happiness


22. Aww Dave.

Jake Likes Onions


Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, for a lot of us, just… Valentine’s Day.


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