How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Baby Sleep Positions: 11-20


Funny Baby Sleep Positions 11-20 Chart

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The term “co-sleeping” is an odd one, because it implies that sleep is actually happening.

When the topic of the baby sleeping in the grown-up bed comes up, some parents or not-yet-parents will sneer and growl, “NEVER!” That’s their choice, to not co-sleep, or to be a jerk about it to others.

But for those of us who chose to co-sleep with our little ones (or for those who aren’t humorless judgmental poopie heads), you might recognize and laugh at some of these bedtime human Tetris patterns. Maybe that laughter will be a little on the bitter side, but hey. A laughs a laugh, right? Heh heh. Ugh.

If these ten just weren’t enough, check out Baby Sleep Positions 1-10.

And now you can buy all 32 as poster art! As a warning, um GIFT to expecting parents, or to give veteran parents PTSD on the daily.


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