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How to Be a Dad

My Wife Just Rambled…

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My Wife Just Rambled

Of course she just gave me that look. I should be more specific, though. Couples develop and collect tons of looks in marriage.

There’s the “shhhh don’t say anything” wide eyes, the “I’m so entirely done with this shit” eye roll, the “maybe later tonight” wink, the “don’t you even start” laser glare. The list goes on and on.

The one she gave me here was the “I know you were thinking it, bucko” look. But in my marital-legal defense, I did NOT, in fact, say a dang thing. So it’s like a murder trial without a corpse, except for that whole trial for murder part.

She confessed to her Peter Jackson super mega extended director’s cut of the story she was telling and fast-forwarded to the end herself, so I wasn’t about to give her any rotten tomatoes for rambling on.

It’s not like I’m not guilty of blowing hot air endlessly about something. So, fair’s fair.


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