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How to Be a Dad

My Wife Just Said… ( • )( • )

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My Wife Just Said Funny Argument

We were arguing about the dumbest most unimportant thing, as married people do. It was late and we were both tired (though it’s probably unnecessary to qualify that it was late since tiredness is our constant companion). To make things worse, we were both hungry enough to be cranky, but not hungry enough to override our desire to not gain any more weight by pre-gaming sleep with snacks.

We’d basically just had it with the day, so a chat we were having turned into a discussion, then a debate and just continued to snowball. But like a snowball made of slushy gasoline, hurling down a slope of flaming napalm and tiki torches.

Seeing the blazing snow meteor spinning out of control, in quick desperation, she grabbed the hem of her pajama top and flipped it up over her head, leaving me with nothing but her bare breasts to continue “not yelling” at. I shut my rage hole and laughed and, taking her continued display as an invitation, I walked up to her and… made peace.

Sure, she won the argument by playing “dirty.” But she deserved the win by diffusing the situation with her two-pronged (no pun intended, heh heh) attack of being both funny AND sexy.

There’s a lot in life and this world that seems to furiously demand you take it seriously, or become cynical, stressed or depressed. It really doesn’t help, though. It just makes some crappy thing or experience TWICE as crappy. It’s best to try to keep things light, focus on the positives. Even if those positives are two boobs suddenly winking playfully at you. Especially then. 😉


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