How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

STRESS & Don’t Wake Daddy Game Time (Funny Video)

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Some games are intense and can get pretty stressful! Often the results can be very very funny.

But life can be incredibly stressful. The kind you live, not the board game LIFE (that one’s pretty tame). I feel like now, more than ever, it’s an important part of parenting to make sure your kids are properly equipped to deal with stress, and guide them away from bad stress-management habits, especially alcohol abuse.

Here’s our pretty jacked-up game play of the old game Don’t Wake Daddy, because DUH, and a little social responsibility thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy!


My thanks to for sponsoring this post and for creating their very needed TalkEarly movement, getting parents to talk to their kids about responsible drinking before the world teaches them bad habits or pressures them into abusing alcohol socially or as an unhealthy coping mechanism.


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