How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Preventing the Impossible: Kid Stains


Bold New Ideas for Preventing Kid Stains

M’kay. So maaaaaybe these aren’t such good ideas.

It’s always surprising, the sheer number of inevitable stains that happen in a family. However, this surprise can sort of pale in comparison to the shock of HOW some of them happen.

The other day, I was walking from the couch to the TV with a glass of wine, foolishly thinking that that’s something an adult human being should be able to do without starting World War Wine. Silly me!

I spilled it, of course. On our rug, as bad luck would have it. Well, I shouldn’t take ALL the credit; it really was a team effort. My son, armed with a Nerf gun, was terrorizing I mean “playing” with our dog, who happened to choose crashing into my legs as an acceptable loss of speed in his frantic flight from my little maniac. Ker-sploosh.

Then there’s the slow and horrifying education we parents get on the subject of WHAT stains can be made from. “Oh cool, you made slime at school?” Fast forward to the next day and a ferociously stubborn mark on the couch that would forever look like someone had pissed their pants, if left unattended.

Stains are the tattoos a family puts on a home, and car, and pretty much everything they own. This is where my sponsor, Carbona, comes in. With their cleaning products, all these messes can be made temporary tattoos.

So my deep thanks to the really fun people at Carbona for sponsoring this post and for their 2-in-1 Oxy-Powered Carpet Cleaner for kicking my wine stain in the butt so well. They’re been in the stain fighting battle since before my mom and dad were born. And I think my parents may have been druids, so that’s really saying something.

Bottom line, their products are honestly great and I am 100% saying this as my own REAL opinion. And also my wife’s, who doesn’t love giant purple splotches on our rugs, nor our couch looking like someone’s water broke.




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  1. Emma says:

    I wonder if I can convince my kids it’s fun to play in an anti-mess bubble…haha! Seriously though, I have no idea where half the stains in the house come from, and they’re always “not my fault!” We’re pretty good friends with our furniture cleaner because I made the mistake of buying light-colored furniture that can only be cleaned by a professional. If they weren’t so expensive, I’d replace them (and everything in my home!) with cheap furniture in a dark color that doesn’t show stains so well.

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