How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Father & Son Go Camp Tripping

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Though I don’t get to do as much of it as I’d like these days, I loved camping as a kid. My parents did, too. Which always works out great; when the budgetary stars, parental planets and children moons all align for something.

The camping I did as I got older became a lot more comfortable than times like when my friends and I just grabbed some sleeping bags and wound ourselves stranded without food deep in the mountains. But however rough or pampered anyone’s camping is, a great part about the Great Outdoors is that it doesn’t judge you.

Recently, my son and I went on a school camping trip together and I made the decision to video a bunch of it, since my wife couldn’t come. I knew full well that my son is quite often amusing (absolutely hysterical) so it’d probably be worth spending some time (way too long) editing into a video I could post on my YouTube Channel and here. Hope you enjoy!

My biggest takeaway from this camping experience is that when kids are having a good time it has the power to enhance any experience. It was literally the worst campsite I’ve ever experienced, basically just an R/V park. But seeing my son and his friends have so much fun… it was really hard to not have a great time.


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