How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

The Dadliest Fragrances Ever


Funny Dad Fragrances for Fathers

While there are plenty of fragrances marketed to women and men, there really is a huge missed opportunity here to really speak to dads.

Sure, the industry has plenty of scents for a wide variety of men. From the salt-of-the-earthy musk of a stylish lumberjack, to the suave stank of a cufflinked jet setter. (Whatever the heck those things smell like.) But nothing that captures the essences of fatherhood.

Let’s look at what fragrances made JUST for fathers would look like…

Funny Dad Fragrances for Fathers


Personally, I cannot stand most perfumes or colognes. I consider it social chemical warfare when I’m trapped in an elevator with someone who seems to have used an entire bottle of this airborne poison to launder their clothes.

But it’s 2018. There really should be options out there designed specifically for those of you poor dads who have obliterated enough of your olfactory system (and those around you) to tolerate blasting yourself with these noxious nasal nuclear measures.


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