How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Move Over, Extreme Cut Out Jeans! It’s Cargo Time.

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Everyone’s buzzing about this new sexy fashion for women. Some say TOO sexy. Some say other words. But whatever the words are, there are a lot of ’em! Extreme Cut Out Jeans have definitely gone viral.

But you know what? Dads want to look cool and feel sexy, too.


Introducing Extreme Cut Out Cargo Pants and Shorts.

You see, when a man becomes a father, he can start to feel old and out of shape, because well… he’s getting older and maybe he likes bacon way better than jogging, okay!

Sometimes feeling cool and attractive is a personal thing; a personal thing that has nothing whatsoever to with actually being cool or attractive to other people.

Sure, some people may throw around words like “hideous” or “disturbed” or “midlife crisis,” but that’s when you need to stop listening to the outside and go with what you hear on the inside. Unless they’re like whole conversations with creepy voices inside or something.

However, there are also times when it’s best to do what your wife tells you. Especially when she tells it to you over 100 times. Like burning these extreme cut out clothes, for instance.


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