How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

The Birds and the Bees… and a Swarm of Bees Challenge???

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When it comes to having “The Talk” with their kids, parents can range from super-chill whatevs about it, to something that doctors would write down on a clipboard as a coronary event. I kind of get the sense that the average experience sits closer to the heart attack than explaining it casually while making a snack.

Think about it. “Sweetie. You see, um. When a man and a woman… or two people… really love each other… and um, want to have a baby… or don’t want that, but just want, uhhhh…” NOW ADD BEES!!! Wait what? Exactly.

The guys over at Convos With My 2 Year Old just blew my parental mind yet again. Watch!

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So the next time you think parenting is hard, just imagine futilely trying to fend of a swarm of angry bees while you’re doing it! Okay, maybe just imagine that it could always be worse. Even if there are no killer bees.

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