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How to Be a Dad

Super Mario Spoofs (11 Edgy Comics)

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I grew up with video games. The fridge-sized quarter-gobblers as well as some of the really old consoles. But most importantly was when I begged my parents into caving for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

My obnoxiousness must have been epic in 1987, because they sprang for the one with that stupid Rob the Robot (see the commercial), which may be one of the dumbest system accessories the world of gaming has ever seen.

It came with Duck Hunt and Gyromite, games otherwise known as not Super Mario Bros. So, it didn’t take long for me to nag that out of my parents. I spent so many hours playing and replaying it with my friends, as well as other installments in the Mario dynasty. It really became part of my childhood. And, as time kept scrolling, Mario and crew even became part of my kids’ younger years.

I’ve seen so many comics and videos and art playing with the Mario universe, so I’m obviously far from alone. It’s part of culture.

So! Here is a selection of some, mostly weird and dark, Mario comics. Hey, we’re grownups now! This isn’t the Nintendo Power magazine.

1. What’s in a name.

Safely Endangered


2. Land a-ho!

Gone Into Rapture


3. Ghost crush

Gone Into Rapture


4. Alive again

Safely Endangered


5. Collection time

Tally The Short


6. Super Smash time

Safely Endangered


7. When will it end?

Mr. Lovenstein


8. Break time.


9. Not again!

Safely Endangered


10. Fortunes.


11. Level complete. Sucka!



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