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How to Be a Dad

What If Famous Movie Themes Were Replaced With Pop Music?

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My wife recently asked me when Star Wars was released. I told her 1977 and randomly thought of the popular music of the era and laughed imagining the movie with disco music instead of the orchestral genius of John Williams.

So I had the idea of putting this video together: 12 movies with iconic instrumental themes, paired with songs on the Top 100 Billboard chart of the same year.

See how long you can watch and listen to this before your skin starts crawling and you feel a compulsion to smash your phone or computer to make it stop. Some of them are pretty funny. Well, ugly funny.

When you love the absolute heck out of something, you just don’t fully appreciate it until it’s gone. Or replaced with something else you can contrast and compare it to.

You may absolutely love some of these movies, or some of these songs, but I think we can all agree that they don’t all pair together as well as peanut butter and chocolate.


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