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Can You Guess Which Animated Films Have Alcohol? (QUIZ)

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QUIZ: Which Animated Movies Feature Alcohol

As part of the TalkEarly team for, (encouraging early convos with kids about responsible drinking), I had the idea of putting together an interesting quiz that may even surprise you!

This isn’t to highlight good or bad impressions of alcohol, just to show that early impressions do exist.

Some are just seconds, but try to guess which of these 20 movies feature scenes with alcohol. (You’ve seen some a bazillion times, but just guess for the ones you don’t know.)

Does this Movie
Feature Alcohol?

1. Peter Pan


2. Moana


3. The Incredibles

Disney / Pixar

4. Despicable Me

Universal Pictures

5. Fantasia


6. Ice Age

Twentieth Century Fox

7. Shrek

DreamWorks Animation

8. Pocahontas


9. PInocchio


10. Kung Fu Panda

DreamWorks Animation

11. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


12. Ratatouille

Disney / Pixar

13. Tarzan


14. Snow White


15. Tangled


16. Lady and the Tramp


17. Horton Hears a Who!

Blue Sky Studios

18. Dumbo


19. Beauty and the Beast

20. 101 Dalmatians



When you have a kid, right away you can see that kids are blank slates, then it dawns on us that we’re not the only ones who get to draw on it. They pick up stuff from everywhere.

This post isn’t against alcohol, in fact I’m having a glass of wine while I’m editing it. This is just an entertaining way to realize the exposure kids have from an often unexpected place: animated movies.

Probably a good idea to make sure your kid has the right info about alcohol so it’s not an overlooked part of their School of Life education. Talk to them early about underage drinking and responsible consumption.

Thanks to for sponsoring this post and just being all around rad people.


6 Responses to “Can You Guess Which Animated Films Have Alcohol? (QUIZ)”

  1. Leah says:

    In Despicable Me, Lucy made the waiter think that Gru’s date was passed out drunk when she had been shot with a moose tranquilizer dart.

  2. Andrew says:


    Where did Charlie go? I haven’t seen him post videos for a while. Sorry to be off topic but I never had much luck reaching you guys by Email 🙂

    • Andy says:

      Hey, Andrew. Charlie and I parted ways a while ago. He’s working on his career and his own endeavors now. You can find him on pretty much every social platform under “charliecapen”.

      Also, sorry about the emails. I just got the contact form working and I think it’s been busted for a long time.

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