How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

28 Funny Pie Charts You’ll Wish You Could Eat (Not Really)


We’re well into the holiday season, which I like to consider the best excuse to eat self-esteem-ravaging levels of food. Especially pie. So, I put together this collection of funny pie charts, because duh. Pun, anyone?

The good news is, not only will these “pies” not add to your already imperiled waste line, but laughing can be like exercise if you do it hard enough, which gives you all the more reason to eat tons of pie. Just sayin’. I’m here to help! Enjoy.


1) Don’t judge me!



2) The case of the vanishing shoes, part 394.

By Let Me Start By Saying By Kim Bongiorno



Bonus) Always a well-rounded meal.

By Designer Daddy


3) Ah, the memories.

By The Oatmeal



4) Splort!



5) Well-balnaced schmell-balanced.

By Science of Parenthood



6) I pity the foo’ who doesn’t get this.




7) It’s a tittle bit nipply outside.

By The Dad



8) Bandaids. Bandaids as far as the eye can see.



9) What is this “sleep” of which you speak?

By Dad and Buried



10) Go team!



11) Remember when weekends were a break?

By Cynical Parent



12) Try to get a little bit of it in your mouth, buddy.

By unknown



13) Your eyes are turning yellow, kid. C’mon.



14) Cleanliness is next to laziness apparently.

By Hannah Hillam-Juárez



15) Nom nom nom



16) Or just trying to remember an actor’s name.

By unknown



17) The Great Pyramids understood at last.

By unknown



18) Yo, Joe!

By unknown



19) And they would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those pesky kids!

By unknown



20) There have to be evil kitchen fairies involved.

By The Oatmeal



21) Relaxing weekend? Pffft!



22) I wonder how he paid for it all.



23) Jedi wisdom.

By unknown



24) Potato.

By unknown



25) So THAT’s how it is, eh, kiddo?



26) Be gone, red dot!

By unknown



27) Tummy lies.

By Let Me Start By Saying By Kim Bongiorno



28) An effort was made.

By unknown



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  1. Craig says:

    I stopped at ‘Kids wearing Coats! lol – all great pie charts though!!! 🙂

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