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How to Be a Dad

35 Highly Awkward Drawings from Kids

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Pareidolia is the fancy word for when you see images in things – like a cloud shaped like a dragon or a face in the bark of a tree or a (ehem) something in some kid art.

In kids’ drawings, sometimes you see some unintended, uh… images. Sure, they’re not all phallic. Mostly, but not all! There’s a bunch of other weird or dark stuff, too. Spellings and written messages can make a kid’s drawing pretty friggin’ awkward as well. Have a look!

1) The birds and the bees and the winged horses?



2) Beware the dreaded flabbaflob.



3) Who would assign such a cruel assignment?!


4) I have so many questions.


5) Uh, hello there.


6) Dolphins are so majestic.


7) “Fate” is an F word, and this teacher was tempting it.


8) It says… #swag (#cringe)

Source: imgur


9) She’s not pole dancing, her mom is selling snow shovels at Home Depot.


10) Apparently it’s a race car.

Source: imgur


11) Some art is more honest than others.


12) Obviously it’s a lighthouse. Obviously!

Source: reddit


13) I have trouble drawing hands, too.


14) Sometimes spelling is the hardest part.


15) Aaaand sometimes it’s the message.


16) That’s a big whistle ya got there.


17) Awww. A letter to… Santa?


18) Mama got back.

Source: imgur


19) Son of a beach.


20) Must be snow shoveling season again!

Source: Sarah Armstrong


21) Ahhh, brotherly love.

Source: reddit


22) Mum’s Number 1!


23) The story of the monkey who rode the lion.


24) [Googles “exorcists nearby”]


25) Welcome to Earth. Please abduct my baby brother.

Source: reddit


26) We salute you, brave firefighters.


27) The mighty giraffe.


28) Choosing the right canvas for your art is important.


29) In SpongeBob, it’s the CHUM Bucket. C-H, CHUM!


30) Sometimes it’s the drawing and the spelling that get ya.


31) The memories of the first day of… wait what?


32) Water is much better than pee.


33) Harsh!


34) What a lovely drawing, indeed.


35) How about sculptures? (They’re cannons. Theoretically.)



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