How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Has The Dad Bod Jumped The Shark?

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Back in my day (right now), dads had dad bods (I do).

Dammit. This first line already sounds like the worst book for new readers.

Anyway, dad bods became a big news item a couple years ago. Lots of dads put on a little weight and the term was coined to refer to men with a little bit of meat on their bones after having kids. Some people screamed, “Dad bods are hot!” Others, not so much.

But now I think we may have jumped the shark.

Sure, in the beginning it was cute. I mean look at this.

But then the conversation continued. Some people hated the dad bod. While others clung to it. And now here we are. The Dad Bod fanny pack…

Listen, I earned my dad bog fair and square. There are many like it but this one is mine. And I only carry a few things in my belly bag. Pizza, chocolate, and some beer. Which I guess you could carry in there as well. BUT LISTEN. This isn’t just an accessory, this is my life, guys.


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