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I can’t be the only parent who’s gotten caught into a rut with family movies. My son is young enough that there are a bunch of movies that come with the price of nightmares or restless sleep, so there are some extra limitations beyond what’s generally considered age appropriate or not, not to mention whether we all agree it’s even worth watching.

So, when it’s family movie night, and the pizza has arrived, I have a certain amount of dread when we start the process of deciding what to watch. With all of the preferences and restrictions, we’ve basically wound up with about six or seven animated films we watch over and over and over again. They’re great movies. Classics, sure. But too much of a good thing can make it a sort of maddening Chinese-water-torture.

My suggestions of newer kids’ movies are inevitably overruled, either because my wife’s not interested or my kid “hates” it even though he’s not even seen the preview. So surprise! It’s Lady and the Tramp again for the UGHteenth time! And I make sure I’ve got my phone charged up and ready to go.

My wife tried to complain about my phone jockeying during family time once, but I just asked her to make a ballpark estimate on how many times we had watched the movie we were about to endure again. She never complained again.

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