How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

10 Twisted But Not Too Twisted Family Comics

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We live in dark times. So who needs anymore offensive, insensitive douchbaggery? No thanks. But! There’s an amazing middle ground between the stupid silliness of a kid’s candy-wrapper joke and the going-to-hell-in-handbasket darkness of some jokes out there.

So whether they’re snarky, darkish or edgy, hopefully these jokes hit your funny bone. But, not like that one in your elbow, where it feels like your arm got tased. Hate that. [shudders]

1. Dreams Don’t All Come True

Berkeley Mews


2. Dirty Talk

Lunar Baboon


3. Free Genie

The Square Comics


4. But…

Matt Gabriele’s son


5. Wizard Tween

Adam Ellis


6. Don’t Mess


7. Magician Dad

Berkeley Mews


8. The Lion Kings

Safely Endangered


9. Rage Watching

Loading Artist


10. Round and Round She Goes!

Cyanide and Happiness



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