How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Just You Try Not to Smile at this Pregnancy Reveal

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There are some moments people share online that are just so rad and uplifting, you can’t help but explode with joy (on a good day) or at least crack a smile with a pleased nod (when you’re having a terrible day).

This is one of those moments. The first (hopefully) and most important (definitely) pregnancy announcement: telling the father-to-be. I didn’t have a reveal quite like this, but the moment was still stunning and emotional. It always is, however it’s done, whatever the emotions are.

Watching this new dad’s face as it slowly dawns on him is the absolute best! I can’t help but feel stupid with happiness for them, and envious of the amazing keepsake photos and video they have of this moment.



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  1. Eric Holland says:

    I remember the day that my wife shared with me that we were pregnant. I have this odd trait that I actually enjoy walking to the mailbox to get the mail. Maybe because its because its not used as often or the fact that I am addicted to amazon prime. Regardless, she put the book “Dude you’r going to be a dad” in the mailbox with a sticky note of the due date. It was amazing!

  2. It can be a cherishable moment when I told my husband that I was pregnant and I clearly remebered my husband’s reaction, he was so excited about that. Thanks for shaing your story and wish you best.

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