How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Drama, It’s What’s for Dinner (Video Compilation)

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I can’t personally remember being an absolute douchecanoe about food when I was a kid. Then I thought this might be some kind of self-imposed amnesia our bodies perform, because if they didn’t, we might not procreate as a species if we had crystal clear memories of the little horrors we were. So, I asked my mom and it turns out I was one of the few kids that didn’t pitch a fit, go on long food fasts, create artwork with it, or cause general mayhem when it came to grub.

I was absolutely awful in so many other ways, though, just not about food. Heh heh. (Sorry, Mom and Dad!)

My own kids varied from sweet hungry lil angels to nightmarishly picky monsters, so this video is both hilarious and it also triggers a bit of Parental Traumatic Stress Disorder for me. Enjoy this compilation of dinner drama!

Picky Eaters Compilation Part 1

Who else understands the dinner time struggle?

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