How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

11 Family Comics of an Edgier but Safe-for-Work Sort

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A good o’l clean, wholesome joke can hit the funny spot nicely, but after watching G-rated animated shows and films practically on loop until your eyes see brightly-colored pixels, you can develop a hankering for something a little more mature, a little darker maybe. Not evil dark, or porny mature, but just some humor that seems more like something Bill Murray would say (with a bit of spicy language) and a little less like something Peppa Pig would happily squeak out.

1. “Radiation!”

Adam Ellis


2. No Going Back


3. Double Sibling Standards

College Humor


4. Coffee

Lunar Baboon


5. Tooth Fairy? Or Demon?


6. Memories!

Sarah Andersen


7. Harsh.


8. Pinterest Curse

The Square Comics


9. Admit It

Fowl Language Comics


10. Ah the Sounds of Nature!

Gone Into Rapture


11. Are You Challenging ME!



3 Responses to “11 Family Comics of an Edgier but Safe-for-Work Sort”

  1. Jordan says:

    Haha, love the Pokemon one 😀 Can’t believe it’s so old now

  2. Jake says:

    Love this compilation, I can relate to many of them. My favorite has to be number 4. My mom was like that – addicted to coffee and just very irritable in the morning. We had to tiptoe around her until she had her morning “fix”.

  3. PeterParker says:

    This is just too funny .. I really love it. It’s great to see such slapstick comedy sketches like these. I really love the Sounds of Nature one… so cool.

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