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How to Be a Dad

My Wife Just Shouted… #325

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We all want our kids to be themselves. Until “being themselves” is them hollering down grocery aisles with a baguette lightsaber and their shirt wrapped around their head.

Kids can come up with some pretty record-scratchy, startling comebacks that leave us parents speechless; either because they’re so spot on, it’s hard to counter their really good point; or it’s that their point is so fantastically nutty, you just don’t even know what on earth to say to such a crazy person.

If there’s one thing kids LOVE, it’s creating a reaction. Good or bad, to a kid, big reactions are like treasure. To them, we’re probably hilarious when we scream and hug-tackle them because they’re licking a door knob. The look on our face has to be priceless when we notice they’ve jammed something to the hilt into their nose.

To be fair, kids seem to love being gross even when there isn’t an audience to gag and cringe at their nasty show. For them, our revulsion is just the cat-food icing on the cake.

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