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How to Be a Dad

What If Real Life Were A Video Game?

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Listen, I like video games as much as the next dad. But I’ve always wanted a life as simple and precise as a video game. Sure, my life can feel like a game; I lose and gain points. I level up occasionally. I find myself facing new worlds of challenge. Now, we are at the beginning of something that looks startling like the very thing I dreamt of as a kid: a real life video game.

This fun augmented reality game looks so rad. A brilliant game designer built Super Mario Bros in Central Park using a HoloLens. If you ever wished for a video game in real life, this is it. It’s everything I wanted as a kid and more.


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  1. real-life says:

    Thanks for this information with us. i also like video game very much. As an parent i think my kids like this video game so much.

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