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My Wife Just Said… #322

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After my wife said this – well, after I was done laughing – I told her she just might have happened upon a billion dollar idea, there.

Those Kidz Bop albums (with little kids singing covers of pop music) seem to sell like hot cakes, and I’m pretty sure if there was a “Fart Bop” version, kids would lose their minds. Parents would too, of course, but there’s really no avoiding the brain damage parents have to endure as a result of listening to kids’ music over and over and over and over again.

Songs could include remakes of popular titles like:

    What Does the Butt Say?The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?), Ylvis
    Uptown FartUptown Funk, Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
    Fart It OutShake It Off, Taylor Swift
    Crazy Fart(Let’s Do the) Crazy Frog

Loaded with these children’s movie hits:

    Your Farts ComeYou’re Welcome, Moana
    Can’t Stop the FartingCan’t Stop the Feeling, Trolls
    Let It BlowLet It Go, Frozen
    (Break with All the) Odors of the WindColors of the Wind, Pocahontas
    Super-GAGGY-FART-ili-STINK-EXTRA-GAS-ATROCIOUSSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Marry Poppins

Also featuring such nursery rhyme classics as:

    The Farts In The Butt (Go Pflthp! Pflthp! Pflthp!)The Wheels on the Bus
    Mary Had a Great Big FartMary Had a Little Lamb
    The Farty Sharty SongThe Hokey Pokey Song (poop accident advisory warning)

    And so, so, so many more… farts.

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One Response to “My Wife Just Said… #322”

  1. Mary-Jane says:

    It’s hysterical what kids sing about. My little boy discovered the “Poop” and often use it in song.
    Jingle bells all of a sudden become
    Poop Poop bells, Poop Poop bells
    Poop Poop all the way

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