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How to Be a Dad

We Are The Weird

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I started a new job a couple months ago. It was a leap of faith in many ways because the work this company does and the goal it’s aiming to achieve are both unique. When I tried to describe it to my mother, her face expressed just what I expected. “I’m working for the largest international scavenger hunt in the world, Mom. The company is called, ‘The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt in the World.'” :: Cue head tilt and perplexed look::

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But even referring to it as a scavenger hunt seems woefully incomplete. It’s a company that fuels and runs on the creativity and kindness of tens of thousands across 100 countries. People are challenged to complete a list, 200 items long, in just one week. Everything from making a fully lit Christmas tree fly to donating blood to making art from candy. It’s pretty stunning what a group this large can do when challenged by a game.

When I think about the world my kids will grow up in, well after I’m gone, I want so very badly for it to be one where differences are celebrated while people are unified by their compassion and humanity. I want the effort I expend on a daily basis to make a dent somewhere on their behalf.

Working for gishwhes has been a lesson in the very warfare of creativity. It can feel like our country’s backsliding on so many fronts as each day passes, so it gives me hope to watch the concerted efforts of creative rebels to interrupt those who would try to convince us that our contributions do not matter and that our conformity somehow translates to our personal safety.

We are the weird and we stick up for the marginalized, the outcasts and those who can’t speak up.


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