How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

28 FAILS That’ll Make You Feel Like a Great Parent

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Parenting automatically comes with a fair amount of self-doubt and second- or seventieth-guessing, but it’s made even worse when we see the never ending online parade of other parents’ manicured glamour shots and stories of parenting perfection. Guinness-World-Record worthy craft projects on Pinterest. Facebook posts of 4-year-olds writing cursive in another language. All of it can seriously napalm whatever confidence we have as a mom or dad.

Let’s reverse that effect though, shall we? Without getting NSFW or too shocking, no abuse or guns or window ledge heart attacks. Let’s look at people failing at parenting so badly that we can feel less like a sh*tty parent, and redirect some of our harsh self-criticism towards more judgement-worthy examples.


Now we know who the favorite is.


Bad parenting doesn’t have to wait till they’re born.



Capture the momen-DOH!


Maybe they’re still breasfeeding?



Up up and awaaaayyyyy!


So that’s why there’s a roll cage on those things.


For some reason this wasn’t in the breastfeeding guide.



Look at ‘im go!… Straight into a fence.


Backseat rider?



Uhhh… At least he put a helmet on her?



Life lesson: your dreams can be stolen.


Zoo Sign: Please do not feed your kids to the animals.



“Let’s show these kids how ya really toss a baby!”



“I didn’t choose the thug life, my parents chose it for me.”



“The world’s cruel, kid. Get used to it.”


You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to leave ’em outside…



Here. Lemme give ya a BOOST!


This isn’t how you prep your kid for college.



“He just needs to hold perfectly still for a really long time and he’ll be a-okay.”



All is well with a hand over the eyes, I guess.






Happy Divorce Day to you?


It’s the black eye of the tiger!



“Please do not store children in the overhead compartments, sir.” WTF!?!


Please don’t forget items in the shopping cart. Whoa!



Even when they’re grown, you can still fail majestically.


Well if those don’t make you feel like you’re not doing such a bad job at this whole raising kids business, nothing will. This isn’t to say that we should be careless and content, it’s good we’re constantly learning and adjusting. It’s just the crushing insecurity and shame us parents could probably do without, or do with less of.

Keep on parenting on, fellow parents!

Now for Some Parenting WINs
Here dad comes to save the day! Dad Mode ACTIVATED!

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