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My Wife Just Said… #308

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Our reliance on our phones has made us pretty terrible about tracking certain things. For instance, I can pretty much only remember my own phone number and 911. I might be able to guess about 5 or 6 digits correctly in my wife’s phone number.

It’s the same with directions. Google and our map apps now do the job of telling us where to go, so following directions on how to get somewhere can seem as annoying as memorizing the Declaration of Independence.

Even before smartphones took over leading the way for us all, my wife was adorably awful at tracking driving instructions, with the sense of direction of a drunkard on a merry-go-round. Left, right? Or left then right? Stay to the right but not all the way to the right? Which exit?

I always needed to use landmarks and other tricks to get her where she needed to go. North became “towards the mountains.” East was “away from the sun.” A freeway would become “the big bendy one” and street names become any prominent store or landmark she couldn’t miss.

So what I’m basically saying is, thank all that is holy for smartphones and their glorious map guidance.

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