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My Kid Just Said… #63

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There are so many memories you collect in the raising of your mini human. They’re not all equal, though. To put it figuratively, some of them are just poorly jotted down in pencil you can’t even read later, some are painstakingly written down with a pen, and some are recorded with a permanent marker in large bold letters.

Obviously, I wasn’t actually questioning my son’s sanity. Well, sort of. I mean, I knew he hadn’t actually lost his marbles, but it’s hard not to wonder if your kid has gone nuts when they’re acting completely nuts.

This was one of those big, thick marker moments. Priceless! My wife and I were laughing about it for hours, in that closely-controlled way parents do, so they don’t offend their kid with the insensitivity of laughing at their hilarious distress.

When he asked why we were laughing, we told him it was a just a funny joke we’d heard. Helpful tip: when you make this lie to your kid, have an actually joke ready for when they demand to hear it.

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