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My Wife Just Sobbed… #303

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She was obviously in a funk, so I made sure I hadn’t stepped on her emotional toes somehow in a clumsy husband way. But her mood was shadowed by the upcoming school field trip. A sleep-away trip. The school was going to a place in the mountains and the kids would all stay the night with their teachers.

He’d only been away from her for a night twice in his life, she explained with two fingers waved dramatically. He was growing up, and she was feeling the inevitable approach of the void that comes with your kid becoming more and more self-reliant.

She packed up his snow gear and clothes with a forced smile, and she bit back tears when she dropped him off. I made it my job to keep her thoughts occupied for the next 30 hours.


Fast forward. We both went to pick him up, and something strange had happened. He HAD grown up. It wasn’t just in our mind, he was acting differently.

My wife asked, “Are you smelling your own fart?” as he bent over in his booster seat.

“Mom!” he rolled his eyes in exasperation, “I’m older now. Farts aren’t funny anymore.”

My wife and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows and tried not to laugh. Or get misty. He wanted to be more grown up and was putting effort into it.

At home, when she was unpacking his clothes, she noticed he hadn’t changed his undies and asked to check what he was wearing to size up the urgency for a change.

“They’re clean, Mommy… I just farted in them a lot. Hahahahahah!”

His grown-up act hadn’t lasted very long. Of course, it’ll happen. But I do hope farts are always funny to him. Or I’m in trouble.

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