How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Playtime Level: Dad

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Dads can be pretty silly when it’s playtime. Sometimes we can get SO into it, we take it to the next level, then chug some coffee or an energy drink and keep on plowing passed as many levels as we possibly can.

With holiday gift giving just days away, I’m sure there will be plenty of intense and highly creative father/child playtime. Personally, I can’t wait! One of the best parts of the holidays for me, is playing with my kids. But it’s also pretty rad when I get my own turn, too.

Sure I’ll play Pretend with you, son.

Dad gets eaten by the monster in the closet


You are unwise to lower your defenses!



No balloon left behind!

Dad Throws Son to Grab Balloon on Ceiling


Bath time? Nah. Bubblescaping time.



You both want to play? I got this.

Dad Level: Expert


Let’s play EXTREME Dodgeball instead.



On your mark, get set, GO!

running baby


Surfs up!



I’ll show you shadow puppets!

shadow claw baby


Less virtual, more reality.

video game dad


I declare World War Pillow!

pillow fight kid


Wanna see something cool? Smile…



The kid on the floor goes round round round…

dad spins kid on floor


Maybe I need to chill out a little. Sorry.


Let’s play toss! Sort of.

You go girl!


Of course it’s not just dads. It seems like parents, dads and moms, are generally a lot more involved with their kids these days. And playtime is certainly no exception.


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