How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Parenterms: “Dysleftic”

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It’s sort of cringy-cute when they put their shoes on the wrong foot, right? Like, you know it’s not going to kill them but if you did it, you’d wish you were immediately dead if you did it. And there’s also that you’ve told them a hundred times part that sort of get the eye twitching from time to time.

You tell them this is Left and this is Right (x infinity, seemingly). And then you realize they’re basically human Play-Doh, so we maybe don’t worry so much about that too much. Even though we wince. Especially when they turn and walk into walls sometimes. We deflatedly sigh “…your other left.”

There it is, though. Dysleftia.

Honestly speaking? Throw enough fatigue and distraction on any person or parent and you and I both know that we would’t trust our left-right sense when it came to it. Right? Or left?


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