How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

A Toddler’s Guide to Being a Helpful Passenger



Driving with kids can be rough. Quite often “rough” like wearing a potato sack for underwear on a 10 mile marathon.

They really do make it interesting at any age. When they’re little bundles of burps, it can be surprise diaper blowouts, random screaming and begging for you to hand them this, that and everything. When they’re bigger, it can be bored whining, all-out sibling warfare or begging for you to hand them this, that and everything.

So Why Rain-X?

Rain-X sponsored this post because they get how driving is already its own challenge, without the sanity-testing trial kids can be. We’re at the end of the year which means wetter weather and lots of holiday-fueled family driving. And your view through the windshield should NOT look like an impressionistic painting.

What makes them better? Since the wiper blades apply Rain-X windshield treatment as you use them, the rain beads up and rolls off. This is actually the only wiper blade on the market that has this technology. So that’s why.

Don’t mess around with your wiper blades; your babies are onboard. Get yourself some Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency Wiper Blades and have yourself some very happy and SAFE holidays, fellow parents.

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