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How to Be a Dad

The Ultimate Guide to Candy Trading

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Everyone’s tastes are unique when it comes to Halloween candy. Nevertheless, there is a candy stock exchange/currency system at work every year. I often, like this video describes, pretended to be in the sour candy zone in an effort to trade up for more chocolate, but that never really worked out for me.

As kids, my brother and I started with organizing by candy type, figuring out duplicate numbers and then quickly went for the easy trades: the stuff we knew we respectively liked/disliked. Next came the arguments and rationalizing the candies we both wanted but weren’t yet willing to part with. Following that: meltdowns, stealing each other’s candy and then finally sugar crashing. Fisticuffs. The usual.

This video does a much better job explaining the correct guide to Halloween candy trades. May it help you in your micro-economy. Good luck!

The only certain thing about Halloween? Death and mom/dad taxes.


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  1. Larry says:

    This was great. I watched w/my 9-year-old. We both laughed especially at that last line.

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