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16 Absolutely Gag-Inducing Halloween Food Creations

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None of these are going to be cute lil’ pumpkin-shaped cookies or “spoOoOoOoky” cupcakes with chocolate bat wings. Presented here are only the most absolutely gruesome Halloween dishes that even a zombie might need to cover its eyes sockets to swallow.

Kids are picky enough eaters, so I’m not so sure any of these are a great idea to risk giving them trust issues and new food phobias, but the skin-crawling grossness of these edible monstrosities is truly admirable.

1. Worm Salad

The early bird may get the worm, but the early trick-or-treater will get the dry heaves.
~ Delicate raspberry Jell-O worms nestled on a bed of chocolate doughnut crumbs ~
source flickr / Steve Chao

2. Spider-Chip Cookies

With a simple toothpick, in just minutes, you can ruin chocolate chip cookies for everyone forever.
~ Soft and chewy butter cookies with “decorative” chocolate morsels ~

3. Horror Dogs

Protein is an important part of any diet, even a serial killer’s. Fatten up your guests with this “finger chewin’ good” favorite.
~ Steamed and carved sausages, drizzled in a tomato puree and tucked into fluffy buns ~

4. Witch’s Digits

If you prefer something sweeter when you’re devouring fingers, this is for you.
~ Almond-encrusted butter cookies with strawberry dipping compote ~

5. Earwax Skewers

These tiny treats may bring back the face-crumpling memory of the time you first discovered the taste of earwax.
~ Petite marshmallows bites with a peanut butter glaze ~

6. Intestine Cake

It all winds up in the same place, right? Replace with a chocolate filling for added cringey fun.
~ Puff pastry braided into coils and stuffed with blackberry jam ~

7. Gummy Eyeballs

Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach sometimes, but these one’s aren’t. They may be bigger than your gag reflex, though.
~ Sweet, multi-colored gelatin orbs ~

8. CSI Blood Suckers

You haven’t truly enjoyed candy until you’ve had it in the form of blood and glass, I guess.
~ Hard candy suckers with festive dye ~

9. Kitty Litter Cake

It’s probably best to invest in a new, UNUSED litter box and scoop for this nightmare.
~ White and chocolate cake with vanilla pudding, sprinkled in cookie crumbs and topped with Tootsie turdlets ~

10. Torn-Out Heart

The heart wants what the heart wants. And sometimes it’s a cannibal.
~ Decoratively shaped gelatin treat, bathed in strawberry syrup ~
source flickr / Emergency Fan

11. Severed Toes and Ear Pops

Sophisticated zombies consider these the perfect appetizer before the brain entree.
~ Sugar cookie on a stick with pink glaze and icing details ~

12. Puke-amole

Some things are just better the second time around. Ask any dog!
~ A tangy mash of avocado, diced tomato and onion with citrus juices ~
source Amy’s Savory Dish

13. Flesh-Eating Cupcake

Um, so yeah. >hrk!< I guess it's only fair if food tries to bite you back. ~ Fondant cupcake glazed with red gel, vodka and lemon juice ~

14. Crunchy Roaches

If you don’t really care for dates, welcome to now hating them with every fiber of your being.
~ Sweet dates stuffed with cream creese and crunchy walnuts ~

15. Fist of Flesh

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but chomp away if it goes and feeds you a hand.
Zesty minced meat with baby onion garnish on a bed of mashed potatoes.
source flickr / little cabbage

16. Mummy Head

Aw, I can’t tell if he’s smiling at me or wants to eat me.
Zesty bacon-wrapped meatloaf with onions and red peppers.

I’m sure you can see now that terrifying people this Halloween needn’t be limited to costumes and decorations. There’s a vast world of culinary terror out there with which we can scar people for life.


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