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How to Be a Dad

Quite Simply The Best Star Wars Commercial

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Listen, I don’t like watching bad commercials. They’ve become the thing we skip, if we aren’t streaming or internetting all the time. They make you want to shoot your television. Can you remember your favorite commercials (not from the BIG FOOTBALL GAME every year)? Maybe you’ll remember one or two at the most.

This is, quite simply, the best Star Wars commercial I’ve ever seen.

But this commercial has layers of awesome that make me so happy. First, it’s about a cause I believe in. Star Wars is as much for girls, now more than ever, as anything else in geek culture. Girls should have access to these mythologies, and in ways that they feel express who they are, which varies wildly. Second, it has people I know in it. Tom Burns of Building A Library has a daughter talking about doing her own thing, and Amiyrah Martin of The Star Wars Moms perfectly describes the power of hope in parenting as derived from the Star Wars legacy.


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