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6yo’s EMOTIONAL First-Time Reaction to Return of the Jedi (Video)

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6yo's Emotional Reaction to Watching Star Wars Return of the Jedi for the First Time

The love for Luke Skywalker is STRONG with this one!

We definitely underestimated the power of his love, and the impact Return of the Jedi would have on him. We were completely taken by surprise by his emotional reaction at the end. (Don’t judge: my wife couldn’t find the remote to pause it!)

It was heartbreaking for a moment, but he quickly recovered, stifled his sniffles and watched with intensity and smiles through to the end.

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Now, he jumps out at me around the house wielding a lightsaber, shouting in a deepened, “You are unwise to lower your DEFENSES!” On the flip side, we had to go to three stores to find Luke’s green toy lightsaber, because “THAT’s when he’s a JEDI!” he explained.

He’s learning the ways of the Force, that’s for certain. Which Side is a little questionable still.

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