How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Why Do We Even Celebrate Mother’s Day?

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So, the other day Buzzfeed emailed me and asked if I’d be in a video for them. They told me that I’d be getting drunk and talking about dad stuff. Which is new for me, obviously. So, I asked a more veteran dad, The Daddy Complex, to come with me and talk fatherhood.

Nothing could’ve prepared me for happened next. Watch below.

I won’t say how many cocktails we had before we embarked upon making Pinterest crafts for Mother’s Day, but I can say we gave it our best shot. I’m not totally certain I would’ve done a better job sober but the fact that I tried, I hope, means something to my wife. You see, I think Mother’s Day is important. Some may laugh it off as a sham or get caught up in how it undermines women without children, but it’s a time to be proud of the women in your life who’ve taken on the adventure of children.

Women, whether they have kids or not, are worthy of praise and celebration and though there’s no Pinterest craft or gift that could express how important they are, it won’t stop us from trying. My wife in particular should get all the gifts for parenting my two little devils. Even if it’s the weird looking thing I call “The Grinch Penis” that I made in this Buzzfeed video. I love the mother of my kids, and I need a day to cherish her.


3 Responses to “Why Do We Even Celebrate Mother’s Day?”

  1. Joe Weeder says:

    Hilarious. It makes me want to get drunk and make crafts right now. It looks like you could have used another beer and a shot though.

    -Joe from

  2. Tessie says:

    I wish I could drink and do crafts!

    Any crafts I do are usually for money or gifting. Trying to do so with no craft room, three, cats, and a toddler puts on the pressure.

    However, drinking Bailey’s makes it hard to cut or sew straight.

  3. Rafael says:

    “The Grinch Penis” LOL!!!
    I loved this video, you’re awesome!

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