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How to Be a Dad

How Did Parents Let This LEGO Train Track Happen?

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My house is a constant mess of toys. Sure, I may have indulged my sons once or twice with my own need for childhood knickknacks, but I love playing with them. My boys, I mean. And the toys. Both. Anyway.

Sometimes, I get fed up and wish the toys could all disappear. All of them. This thought occurs mostly when I step on something sharp or trip on a devilish figurine plotting my revenge. What if I just put them all in a trash bag and they vanished? But then I witness something amazing and I forgive injuries. Sometimes I come downstairs and see something amazing my older son has built. Beautiful structures out of magnet tiles, and fortresses of LEGO pieces strong enough to withstand the zombie apocalypse.

This LEGO train track is just like that. I can’t believe the parents left it up, but I can also see what they’d allow it. It’s incredible. See for yourself!

Have you or your kids ever built something this elaborate? I always wanted a LEGO train track like this. Incredible. Shoutout to the parents.


2 Responses to “How Did Parents Let This LEGO Train Track Happen?”

  1. Tad says:

    What’s more shocking is the physical volume of track & equipment they’ve got. My son (an utter UTTER train fanatic just got his first lego train set to add to the other bazillion train sets he’s got, and that was some serious coin. The train set depicted in the video in this article would have a valuation equal to or greater than my whole house.

  2. Andrew says:

    Okay that’s impressive…..the cat didn’t move when the train came rolling by!!! Ya the train is cool too. LOL.

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