How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Dad Mode Senses Are Tingling! (25 Amazing GIFs)

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People loved the Dad Mode ACTIVATE! post, so I’ve scoured the internet to put together even more, and found a bunch you’ve probably never seen before.

Some are overwhelming, some are just whelming, and some are anti-whelming, as far as Dad Mode moments go. Enjoy!

Catch the Monkey

dad mode reflexes baby falling on bed save
Rating: ​★★☆☆☆
Not too dramatic, but this monkey jumping on the bed didn’t bump its head.



dad mode reflexes bicycle save daughter
Rating: ​★★★☆☆
Okay. So, not all instances of Dad Mode are the most graceful thing to behold. This one gets an extra star because he absorbed the impact without kicking the other kid in the head.


Splish Splash Sploosh

dad mode reflexes inner tube water save daughter
Rating: ​★☆☆☆☆
Uhhhhhh. Sometimes it’s really not pretty, actually.


Oh Shhhhhh…

dad mode reflexes
Rating: ​★★☆☆☆
Dad Mode is also used to protect your things from your kids. A startled swear word may slip out occasionally.


Epic Fail Recovery

dad mode reflexes
Rating: ​★★☆☆☆
This mind-blowing catch loses stars for even being necessary. All parents make mistakes, so let’s be glad this didn’t turn out differently.


Safety-Net Reflexes

dad mode reflexes couch fall save
Rating: ​★★★★☆
This one gets an extra star for the “You okay?” and the hug. And the tail wagging.


Jumper Bumper

dad mode reflexes couch jump save
Rating: ​★★★☆☆
Hmmmmm. It kinda sorta totally seems like kids are actually constantly trying to hurt themselves.


Even the Little Things

dad mode reflexes catching pacifier
Rating: ​★★☆☆☆
Dad Mode reflexes aren’t just for rescues from near death.


Evasive Maneuvers

dad mode reflexes excavator dodge
dad mode reflexes excavator dodge
Rating: ​★★★☆☆
Whoa! When they are life saving moments, they’re not all speeding, split-second catches.


Coastal Guardian

dad mode reflexes dad saves baby from sand
Rating: ​★★☆☆☆
Fun in the sun is better when you’re not instantly buried in a sandvalanche. Go, Dad!


Giddy-NOPE, Cowboy!

dad mode reflexes dad saves baby from sand
Rating: ​★☆☆☆☆
Plus 5 stars for the quick-draw grab, minus 4 stars for the shit-for-brains safety standards.


Teeter Topple

dad mode reflexes save girl falling on teeter totter
Rating: ​★★★☆☆
Part of Dad Mode is predicting the future. Those really crappy, ugly-crying futures.


Just Hanging Out

dad mode reflexes man saves girl from falling on porch
Rating: ​★★☆☆☆
As long as kids are around, Dad Mode never retires.


Tidal Save

dad mode reflexes dad saves baby from wave
Rating: ​★☆☆☆☆
Well… At least her outfit didn’t get wet? One star for the effort.


Gnarly Save, Dad Bro!

dad mode reflexes catch runaway skateboard save
dad mode reflexes catch runaway skateboard save stabilized
Rating: ​★★★★★
This one is so fast, I stabilized it so you can see the blurred missile this dad snatched away from his kid’s face.


Runaway Sled

dad mode reflexes sledding daughter save
Rating: ​★★☆☆☆
It’s nice when the finish line is a welcoming pair of open arms.


Dad’s Got Your Back

dad mode reflexes da
Rating: ​★★★☆☆
This pop keeps his cool as she pops a surprise wheelie.


No Stars for You!

dad mode reflexes swing fall catch
Rating: ​☆☆☆☆☆
Sorry (as in not sorry at all), arsonists don’t get medals for putting out the fires they started.


Proper Swing Save

dad mode reflexes swing break fall catch
Rating: ​★★★☆☆
Now this is more like it. So glad it broke within Dad Mode range.


Couching Toddler, Sleeping Dad Mode!

dad mode reflexes napping dad catches falling baby
Rating: ​★★★★★
You’re a friggin’ ninja, sir! Most of use are more drunken sloth than human when we ooze out of our naps.


Dad-Moding Someone Else’s Kid

dad mode reflexes bicycle traffic save
Rating: ​★★★★★★
SIX stars for the supernatural perception and lightning-fast action of this hero. Not today, Grim Reaper!


Dad DOUCHE Mode Activated!

dad mode reflexes dangerous baseball catch
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
I call three strikes here: 1) he’s robbing the player of a great catch, 2) he’s putting his baby IN HARMS WAY to do it, and 3) he’s holding her like a six pack of cheap beer.


Major League Dad Mode!

baseball bat save dad mode reflexes
Rating: ★★★★★
Now THIS is a Dad Mode play of the season! Cool your judgey jets, he was just texting a picture to his mom from his first game.


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