How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad


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Amazing original photo by: indyjones2010

There are jokes. And then there are “Dad Jokes.” Like poisonous mushrooms and brightly-colored snakes, sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones are harmless.

They can come from anyone, male or female, young or old, so sadly, the best way to identify the threat of a dad joke is by noting the effects and aftermath of one.

In addition to the victims’ symptoms pictured above, occasionally you can spot one by observing its source. The carrier/transmitter of a dad joke will almost always be found suffering from near-epileptic fits of laughter, but may also be seen winking spasmodically, uttering questions uncontrollably like “Eh? Eh?!” or “Get it???” It may also be accompanied by compulsively swatting people on the back or punching them in the arm. Long and awkward, unanswered high-fives are another good indicator.

Humankind is still working earnestly on something better than breathing into a bag while watching funny cat gifs as a treatment for PTDJS (Post-Traumatic Dad Joke Syndrome), and there is continued hope for some early warning system and preventative measures for the relentless epidemic of dad jokes.


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