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6yo’s Obsessed First-Time Reaction to The Empire Strikes Back (Video)

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6yo's Obsessed Reaction to Watching Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back for the First Time

The weekend before we had watched Star Wars: A New Hope together for his first time. I videoed it, capturing his excitement and intense curiosity, to the tune of 278 questions during the movie (video here). When I published it online, it went nuts, millions of views of my little padawan’s first adorable step on the path to Star Wars Nerddom.

But before I even edited and uploaded the video, we were set to watch Empire the next weekend and he spent the entire week grabbing anything he could swing like a lightsaber and continued to bombard me with questions. I used a LOT of evasive maneuvers to avoid spoilers, but the weekend couldn’t come soon enough. I knew the power of the Spoiler Side of the Force.

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After Empire, he became even more obsessed with all things Star Wars, fascinated with “Dark Vader,” asking about Luke’s hand and marching around chanting “DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN DUN-DUN, DUN DUN-DUN!” Everywhere. We apologized to his amused teacher, but I was shamelessly delighted the Force was so strong with my little one.

I continued to teach him the ways of the Force. We watched Return of the Jedi the weekend after Empire. It was… emotional. Stay tuned!

In case you missed it: enjoy 6yo’s Adorable First-Time Reaction to Star Wars (A New Hope)


3 Responses to “6yo’s Obsessed First-Time Reaction to The Empire Strikes Back (Video)”

  1. Dude…waiting on him to make THE REALIZATION gave me much nervousness from 3 time zones away. Glad it hadn’t been spoiled before he saw it!

    • Andy says:

      Haha! I hear ya! In our viewing of A New Hope he guesses that Luke’s dad is Dark Vader, which I’m fairly sure came from him knowing that Darth Vader was Anakin Skywalker from a “friend” at school. It was a big PHEW! moment to finally get past the biggest plot twist in cinematic history.

  2. The Dad says:

    See… This is the kind of thing I was expecting when I showed Episode V to my kids. Of course, my oldest is only 4 (and a half!), but I still was not prepared for her reaction:

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