How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Dad Jokes Hall of Shame

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Dad Jokes Hall of Shame

What people are calling “dad jokes” nowadays, I always thought of as kids’ jokes, but I guess kids grow up, reproduce and continue vigorously tossing around these goofy groaners. You know what I’m talking about…

Son: Dad, I’m hungry.
Dad: Hi, Hungry. I’m Dad!

Sort of like the whole “dadbod” thing, where something crappy-but-lovable is hefted up to crowdsurf on the admiration of the internet, the term “dad joke” has come to symbolize cheesy, pun-encrusted quips and jests that we all love to hate. Or hate to love. Or something.

I’ve dressed up some of the wonderawfulness into graphics for us to better enjoy.

Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Wrestle for Leftovers


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Put My Shoes On


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Hokey Pokey


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Put the Trash Out


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Soy Milk


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Dentist Time


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Half Left


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Angry Peppers


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Doctor Piano


Bad Dad Jokes Hall of Shame Forrest Gump's Password


Anyone can tell “dad jokes,” of course. Man or woman, young or old, kidless or kid-full. You just have to have a knack or uncontrollable compulsive desire to make people roll their eyes like windmills and groan like a barn that’s been on fire for three hours.

Maybe these are all just really terrible jokes that make you laugh while simultaneously making you feel guilty for laughing… But there’s something about them! Something extra that comes with your dad lobbing them at you. Something, like water balloons filled with piss, that makes you gag out your chuckles even if you try not to, in case you get some of it in your mouth. Something endearing. Maybe a little pungent, too, but still touching.

At least, it is for enough people that the world settled on calling them dad jokes.

How about you? What are the best/worst dad jokes you’ve heard or inflicted upon others?


6 Responses to “Dad Jokes Hall of Shame”

  1. Monica says:

    These are totally my kind of joke. Love it!

    My favorite is:

    What’s the best way to catch a fish?

    Have someone throw it to you!


  2. rebecca says:

    Love these and the artwork, so perfect!!

  3. Tootie says:

    Meat Loaf

    Dad: hiya, loaf!

  4. j Cunningham says:

    Why do the eskimos wash in Tide? Cause it is too cold out tide!

  5. What did people say at a cows funeral?

    Wow, crossing the road was a mis”steak”

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