How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Does Your Kid Have #Narkidlepsy?

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Yes, I freaking used a hashtag in a title of blog post. No, I don’t think the whole world is going to come crashing down because of it. Shall we press on?

Simply put, I want to know if your kid falls asleep in the most random places and positions. Because my kids, while they don’t **prefer** to sleep at night, fall asleep in the most random, insane, uncomfortable-looking positions known to humankind.

Exhibit A…

Hell, we wrote a whole book based on the premise that sleeping kids mean tortured adults.

But we’d love to see how #Narkidlepsy is part of your life. Post photos on Instagram and Twitter with #Narkidlepsy, and we’ll share our favorites. Don’t forget to tag us so we can find you!

I’ll post some of our favorites here as the day goes on and on and on.

@howtobeadad #narkidlepsy Waiting for Dad to finish making lunch

A photo posted by Steve (@steve_mack_eh) on

#narkidlepsy #elderboy

A photo posted by Suhani Idayu Selamat (@werekangaroo) on

Crying together in sleepy solidarity…



2 Responses to “Does Your Kid Have #Narkidlepsy?”

  1. I. Monae says:

    Great question and great post.

  2. Dave Emanuel says:

    Oh this brings back memories.

    My youngest kid had trouble sleeping, so she would get up and find a place that was more comfortable.

    I have stumbled out in the middle of the night and found her sleeping in baskets, closets, or on the floor of the hallway. She would also push chairs together and sleep with her butt hanging down between them.

    Good stuff.

    Dave Emanuel –

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