How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Haunted House or Just a House with a Kid?


Is Your House Haunted or Is it Just a Kid funny infographic

This Instructional Diagram is brought to you by the rad people at Redfin.


When your house becomes possessed by a baby or kid, paranormal activity becomes very parent-normal.

If you want to do some ghost hunting, you don’t need to put on night-vision goggles and stumble around a condemned house hyperventi-whimpering. Just visit the house of someone who has kids.

Thankfully, the walls aren’t really dripping with blood, but sadly someone’s got a lot of cleanup to do and they’re going to need to pick up a new bottle of ketchup. The heating vents will turn out to be haunted, not by some clicking insect demon, but by some fallen action figure with a flappy cape.

Kids really do seem like a supernatural phenomenon a lot of the time. They take over and possess our hearts and our homes. And also sometimes they throw dishes around.

Why Redfin Is Rad

Like becoming a parent, house hunting can be a little scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three reasons why Redfin is a fantastic choice to take the fear out the process:

1) They’re lighthearted enough to have us bring you this post. That matters!

2) They have the uncommon combination of providing fantastic online and app resources AND service-centric pro realtors for buyers or sellers.

3) Their realtors do not work on commission, but are given a bonus based on your customer service survey which is HUGE because they’re all about helping you and won’t burn out or push you into anything.




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