How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

5 DOs & DON’Ts for Being a Rad Concert Dad


Dos and Don'ts for Being a Rad Concert Dad Funny Tips and Warnings

This Instructional Diagram is sponsored by Vivid Seats, because they share our quirky sense of humor and our love of going to concerts and sporting events.


Most of us have great memories from when we were kids, and music or sports are often a precious part of the treasure trove of our adolescence experiences. For those of us with kids now, part of our job is to help them build up their own prized memory collections.

There is, however, one thing that all parents have in common, no matter what. 100% of all parents are significantly older than their kids. Duh, right? But the generation gap starts to widen like some booby trap of life, as they grow up.

They’re not our pwecious widdle cutie patooties anymore. So, buying a concert t-shirt is probably a better option than knitting them a commemorative sweater. And we’re not so young anymore, so standing on our seats and screaming might just get us hurt and will definitely earn us the title of “creepy old guy.”

Dad or mom, music concert or sporting event, we’re there to watch something else as parent. The show we’re watching, hopefully, is our kids losing their minds having a great time, making their memory treasure.

Someday, when your kids have their own kids, and they’re at a show bobbing their heads as best they can to music they probably don’t like, maybe they’ll remember when they were younger and you stood next to them and bobbed your head as best as you could.


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4 Responses to “5 DOs & DON’Ts for Being a Rad Concert Dad”

  1. KC says:

    Haha! Thanks for the tips. Looking forward to taking my son to his first concert next month. Definitely would’ve made a few mistakes. 🙂

  2. Kenny says:

    Oh, hell, yeah, I totes expect Charlie to lift me in the air Patrick Swayze Jennifer Grey Dirty Dancing style when we see each other at 2016 Dad 2.0.

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