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How to Be a Dad

Vine Picks: That Happy Family, Clayton Farris & Robby Ayala

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We’ve been spending a bit more time on Vine, Periscope (@HowToBeADad) and Instagram lately. Facebook was fun and then someone decided you shouldn’t be able to see all of our posts. Twitter is getting a little muddy, and they can’t even decide on a CEO. Google+ might or might not be going away. So that leaves us with only 1498754 more places to talk to people on social media. It’s so limiting.

Lately, we’ve been seeing some awesome stuff on Vine. We wanted to find a way to spotlight some of our favorite work, from time to time, so we can bring you the best quality stuff we find. Here are some picks for this week!

Robby Ayala

He nailed it. This is what becoming a dad can feel like. Between the love and the feelings of protectiveness, there’s an irreverent surge of LET’SPLAY!!!! Loved this one.

That Happy Family

We’ve all wanted to stoop to their level. This vine does. And it’s perfect. Don’t mess with the professionals, kids. We own this immaturity game.

Clayton Farris

This makes me want to throw on a cardigan, a fanny pack and a beeper so I can embarrass the shit out of my kids. I want them to grow up to be 13 or 15-year-olds just so I can drop the mic on how embarrassing I can make things. I want to medal in the parental embarrassment olympics. My whole life has been a training session for this moment.

Did you guys see anything cool or funny on Vine or Instagram? Post a comment or send us a message. We’re always looking for a laugh.


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  1. Drew says:

    What do you mean when you say “someone decided you shouldn’t be able to see all of our posts”?

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