How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

17 Ways To Hold A Baby

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We don’t typically like to showcase much “how-to” content. It would make us seem like we were helpful, which, if you’ve read any of this website, you know we are not. But this guy is on to something here.

If you’re an active person, holding a baby can get tricky without a sling or proper baby-wielding apparatus. So, we often invent new ways to hold our little bundles of love. This guy has 17 of them. The steps are simple:

Step 1. Find a baby
Step 2. Hold the baby.

Check it out!

Complete List of Holds
The Standard Shoulder Hold
The Reverse Standard Shoulder Hold
The Chin Standard Shoulder Hold (pick something up)
The Baby Jesus
The Double Baby Jesus
The Stinky Nappy for Me
The Stinky Nappy for You
The Box of Beers
The Telephone
The Dance Partner
The Bird on a Wire
The Poor Man’s Front Pack
The Hide Ya Beer Belly
The Rugby Ball Hold
The Other Rugby Ball Hold
The Show Off to the Other Dads Superman
The Show Off to Other Kids Fish

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